The International Association of Democratic Lawyers

The International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) representing lawyers and jurists in over 100 countries and with consultative status with the United Nations, ECOSOC and UNICEF, condemns the current Israeli aggression against the people of Gaza in the strongest possible terms. IADL calls on the international community to stop further Israeli aggression, and take action to hold Israel accountable for its crimes.

The air assault on Gaza has resulted in hundreds of dead and wounded including many civilians. The air attacks have been against many civilian targets including police stations and law enforcement officers. The threatened ground assault is a further act of aggression.

Israeli actions violate the UN Charter, the laws of war, and the Geneva Conventions, in particular the Fourth Geneva Convention. Israel’s actions against the people of Gaza has been going on for many years and has included a blockade preventing food, medicine and other necessities into Gaza, extrajudicial killings and closing of the borders. Israel has been encouraged in this most recent aggression by the refusal of the international community most notably the United States, to take action after Israel’s war of aggression against Lebanon in 2006.